Difference Day 2019 Honorary Title

Difference Day 2019 Honorary Title for Freedom of Expression

The Honorary Title is awarded to a journalist, writer, artist, cultural thinker or any other person, association or institution that has made a vital contribution to protect and promote freedom of thinking and expression in an ever-changing, democratic society. Making a difference as regards these basic values is what the title is all about. The Honorary Title is jointly awarded by the Brussels University Alliance VUB and ULB

Prize for European Journalism will be for 2019

This prize aims to reward journalists of the written press whose work contributes highly to making Europe more comprehensible and accessible to a broader audience. The candidates must be journalists living and working in the EU, with a considerable record in reporting and/or commenting on Europe.  

Two prizes will be awarded: the Evens Prize for European Journalism, worth €15,000, and the Evens Encouragement Award for European Journalism, worth €5,000. For the latter prize, only journalists up to 35 years old are eligible.