Marta Frišová (officially Marta Šimečková) is a journalist, editor, interpreter, and organiser of the annual Central European Forum, a high profile public forum of writers and human and social scientists from East and West. During the eighties she studied German and Russian at the Comenius University to Bratislava, she worked as a freelance interpreter and contributed to Slovak underground publications K and Fragment K. After 1989 she belonged to the founders and worked for the publishing house Archa that tried to fulfil the cultural gap created by years of censorship. She was the founding member and later chair of Amnesty International Slovakia, initiated a country-wide program of human rights education for teachers. She was editor-in-chief of the Czecho-Slovak weekly Mosty (Bridges) and worked at the weekly Domino-Fórum as well as the daily SME. Jointly with Andrea Puková she founded and edited its weekend supplement Forum, 2006 both of them founded the online platform, and 2009 they initiated the Central European Forum project (