With over 70 conducted workshops across the globe, Sandra is one of the most experienced trainers with CANVAS. Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, she was involved in student protests organized by OTPOR movement, a pivotal force behind ousting Slobodan Milosevic’s regime in the ‘90s. Since she joined the CANVAS team nearly 12 years ago, she has been involved in curriculum development, research, geo-political analysis/studies and numerous other CANVAS projects. Sandra’s expertise ranges from conducting trainings in non-violent action and strategies, capacity building, movement management, campaigning, to consulting local movements, political activists, eco activists and artivists. She has field work experience in the Americas, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. As the leading trainer for African projects, she has spent several months in Africa conducting back-to-back trainings with political activists. One of her greatest achievements was training the now famous Egyptian group from Alexandria April 6, plus working with nonviolent groups from Iran, Syria, Iraq and Israel.